Think You Can't Afford Private Dental Care?

Consider this......

The average price of a beauty treatment is about £60. The average price to have your hair coloured is about £80.

What price would you put on a perfect smile?

At Scartho Dental Practice we offer high-quality dentistry that is truly affordable, just £75 for a new patient consultation including two x-rays, £37 for a routine check-up and £57 for a scale and polish.

Our experienced dentists are able to help with all aspects of your oral healthcare, from routine dental treatment to cosmetic dental work, all individually tailored to suit you.

Why not visit our hygienist for a scale and polish which includes a detailed gum health check and easy to follow oral health advice to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

We use top quality private laboratories with the best technicians, so you can be sure that all our crowns and bridges are of the highest quality, they are not only robust and hard wearing but also look naturally beautiful.

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Other things to consider

Waiting times at private surgeries are often much shorter to see a dentist in an emergency.

At a private surgery, you will have a much wider choice of dental treatments.

Private dentists typically have longer appointment times, there will be no rushing because they do not have to hit NHS targets. This means better care for your dental health.

At a private surgery, you can build a relationship with your dentist who will become familiar with your dental care. Often when you use an NHS surgery you will see different dentists every time you go.

Private surgeries tend to have the very latest equipment and the newest dental treatments,

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